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Old Spice Amber Deodorant Body Spray

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  • 1 ML
Product Description

Old Spice, an international bestseller, introduces a new line of no-gas deodorant body sprays, available in six versions chosen from various aroma camps. The perfume minimises odour and keeps you smelling magical for 24 hours with the 0% Gas body spray. Amber has a fruity scent with notes of blackberry, black raspberry, and plum, with sweet vanilla and amber towards the base. You have the beacon to freely disseminate joy throughout your smellectorate, armed with Amber and flanked by the Old Spice eagles. With the new Old Spice Deodorant Body Spray, you can smell your way to Magic!

Product Description

  • Brand : Old spice
  • Ideal For : Men
  • Fragrance Classification : Body spray
  • Quantity-Measuring Unit : 1ML
  • EAN/UPC : 4987176176332
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Maximum Shelf Life-Measuring Unit : 36Month
  • Ingredients : Propylene, Glycol, Cinnamal, Linalool, t-butyl, Alpha - Isomethyl, Ionone, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Amyl Cinnamal, Denatonium, Benzoate, This product contains 90.8% WW alcohol (96% V/V).
  • How to use : Hold the can 10-15 cm (4 to 6 inches) away from skin. Push button down to spray all over body/clothes. Spread the magic of Old Spice fragrance.

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